Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Double-sided Star Shaped Blanket

Side A
Side B
I designed this adorable little star blanket hoping to use up some extra yarn I had laying around. I ended up buying way more yarn to finish it, and the yarn I used was really thin so the blanket didn't look quite right to me. Hence the reason for it being double sided. In the future I am sure I will use worsted weight yarn instead, but this did turn out beautifully if I do say so myself.

For the main pattern I used Beth's Little Star Afghan Pattern found here.
I used Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn in Soft Blue and White.
You will need 2 skeins of each color.
For Side A I followed the Little Star Pattern, started with soft blue and a size H crochet hook.
Rounds 1-16 in soft blue
Rounds 17-20 in white
Round 18 in soft blue
Rounds 19-22 in white
Round 23 in soft blue
Round 24 in white

For Side B
Rounds 1-16 in white
Rounds 17-20 in soft blue
Round 18 in white
Rounds 19-22 in soft blue
Round 23 in white
Round 24 in soft blue

After completing the 2 pieces I put the wrong sides together, and making sure I started in the same stitch of each side, I did a single crochet to connect the two sides. This turned out to be a luxuriously soft baby blanket, and I loved it!

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