Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cute Jacket I Crocheted

Well after about a year of not doing anything crafty, I decided to pick it up again since I know somebody who is about to have a baby. I wanted to try making a jacket, since all I have really done is hats and blankets. I wanted something unique, and something that wasn't old fashioned looking. I'm not really a fan of those vintage patterns. So this is my finished project, it turned out really cute and only took me about 3 days to complete. I used a pattern I bought off the internet, and it works up really quickly. For the pattern go to and type in Sorrento Hooded Cardigan, and I think it was only like $3.99. Pretty cheap.

Here is the final result, I found this adorable onesie at Walmart for 2 bucks, it has cute little stars on it, and these dark beige pants to match. It tied my whole outfit together. I was very pleased.
Here is the outfit I'm going to put in the gift box.
Oh so cute wooden buttons were so charming.
The back of the jacket.
The front of the jacket.

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